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Dear, Sweet Friends of the Upper Crust-

It is with the deepest mortification, no little distress and some considerable dismay that I most reluctantly concede and confess that my Lords the Upper Crust have… sold out!!! How did such a thing come to pass? It is soon told:

Jackie Kickassis, the wild child of the ensemble, in a fit of perversity undertook to compose a theme song for the History Channel’s new show “American Daredevils.” My Lords colluded to perform the song in the recording studio, foul lucre changed hands, and in a moment the centuries-old, inviolate and pristine artistic reputation of the Upper Crust was irreparably besmirched by the sooty-fingered stain of commerce, as the “work for hire” called “Riding Wild” is now to be heard both upon cable television (“American Daredevils” premiers Tuesday, October 22nd on the History Channel 10:00 PM EST) and upon iTunes.

Happy at the novelty of earning money, which has, as was only to be expected, already been spent upon the most unrestrained and insensible debauchery, My Lords have curled up in the embrace of Mammon and appear to have no difficulty sleeping at night. Would that I were so free of care…

Nevertheless I trust that you will remain the constant companion of my soul in these most trying times, as now more than ever I require an ear in which to whine and a shoulder upon which to cry; yet I remain in expectation of happier tidings from you, who are ever as a beacon of hope in this vulgar and unbecoming world,

Your most faithful Correspondent,



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