Welcome to the Upper Crust Online Experience! Here in one convenient virtual place you will find links to Upper Crust music old and new. Here you will also find video and still photography, all of it obsessively, single-mindedly and unblinkingly focused on the Upper Crust, the finest purveyors of Rocque and Roll to the most distinguished and discriminating consumer—yourself!

Here too repose the writings of Bumbles (Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust), who will apprise you of the doings of Count Bassie, Jackie Kickassis, the Duc d’Istortion, and the Lord Bendover. Shows, events, gossip, random observations and deep and searching questions of the moment will all be discussed with even-tempered equanimity and shrewd and penetrating judgment.

Here also you will find links to Upper Crust merchandise: T-shirts, CDs, and sundry other exciting things are all available at the touch of a button.

Lastly, we welcome all suggestions and feedback, especially deafening peals of feedback from stacks of Marshall amps. Enjoy the new website!

Lord Babybottom of Pottychair


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