Season’s Greetings 

Dearest Friends of the Upper Crust— 
We may now confirm what many of you have no doubt suspected for some time: that the Upper Crust, absent from the stage for over a year now, are on indefinite hiatus.  
Count Bassie, Jackie Kickassis, the Duc d’Istortion, and the Lord Bendover are all actively and energetically engaged on their own creative projects, having assumed, for purposes of art, the personae of ordinary rockers—complete with contemporary costumes accurate to the smallest, shabby detail; vulgar…

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Update from Bumbles 

Dearest Friends of the Upper Crust, 
It has been some months since last we spoke, and as the band’s last public appearance was a year ago in Cleveland (with the superlative Supersuckers), we do not doubt but that you may be asking yourselves: Whatever has befallen the Upper Crust? 
The truth is, the Lord Bendover has been afflicted with a palsy of the hand, and is in the process of reacquainting himself with the guitar; the Duc has been preoccupied with pressing familial concerns; and silver-tongued Count…

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Dearest, Most Patient & Forbearing Friends of the Upper Crust, 

For some time now the Lord Bendover has been afflicted with a palsy of the hand, such that he cannot play the guitar, which distress has engendered the cancellation of several performances of the Upper Crust. Thankfully, he is now attended by skilled physicians who shall bring to bear all the scientific inexactitude of their arcane trade upon him, employing the most up-to-date techniques and remedies: bleeding, the mercury cure (always…

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Regrettable show cancellations 

It is with regret bordering on revulsion that Their Lordships of the Upper Crust bring themselves to attempt a task more difficult than any performance, that is, they must announce a cancellation, and of not just one show—which itself would be regrettable enough to require smelling salts and physicians in attendance—but two shows: Saturday, October 14th at Diviera Drive in Brooklyn, NY, and the following day, Sunday, October 15th, at the Hyland Pavilion in Fiskdale, Massachusetts. 
Their Lordships are quite…

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Summer Tour 

Kind Friends of the Upper Crust, 

After the Upper Crust’s recent whirlwind tour of the Northwest, we confess we have been remiss in our correspondence, and we would wish to convey our deepest regret for so long a silence, being preoccupied, as we were, by our various duties. 

Nevertheless, there is much good news afoot, for the Upper Crust shall be performing at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, Massachusetts, on Saturday, July 8th. This show, whilst an event of sufficient magnitude and of the greatest…

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The West 

Dearest Friends of the Upper Crust, 

It has often been observed by those of philosophical bent that the West is the best, and the noble gentlemen of the Upper Crust concur with the sentiment wholeheartedly, putting the hypothesis to a brief but rigorous examination in San Francisco (Bottom of the Hill, Thursday, 5/25/17), Medford, Oregon (Johnny B’s, Friday, 5/26/17), Seattle, Washington (Funhouse, Saturday, 5/27/17) and Portland, Oregon (Dante’s, Sunday, 5/28/17). These are dates that, if you happen to…

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Record Release Performances 

Dearest and Best Companions of the Upper Crust, 

We write today to inform, alert and possibly alarm you regarding the Upper Crust’s rapidly approaching record release parties: 



We strongly advise that you proceed with all due circumspection to the nearest and most convenient record release party, leaving behind all non-essentials, and bringing with you only what is strictly necessary to your…

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Dear Companions of the Upper Crust, 

What news we have to impart you, we can hardly articulate, being nearly overwhelmed by the almost frenetic activity of Their Lordships the Upper Crust in these heady days of early Spring. 

Firstly, Their Lordships have completed a video for the song “Little Castrato,” featuring the lovely Hayley Thompson King as the eponymous figure, shot by the master Alex Loer. The video will be released April 7th along with the new 13-song album “Delusions of Grandeur.” Madame…

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Heads Will Roll! 

Good, Kind Friends of the Upper Crust- 

Their Lordships, this day, Friday, February 24th, 2017, hereby release and relinquish to the general public, to do with as they see fit, a new single—a savage burst of Rocque energy penned by the Duc d’Istortion and delivered in his singular, gruff baritone, entitled “Heads Will Roll.”  
The single is available on all the usual outlets accessible to the computational machine: iTunes, Spotify, etc. 

In the opinion of those who have conspired to create the forthcoming…

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