Dear Companions of the Upper Crust, 

What news we have to impart you, we can hardly articulate, being nearly overwhelmed by the almost frenetic activity of Their Lordships the Upper Crust in these heady days of early Spring. 

Firstly, Their Lordships have completed a video for the song “Little Castrato,” featuring the lovely Hayley Thompson King as the eponymous figure, shot by the master Alex Loer. The video will be released April 7th along with the new 13-song album “Delusions of Grandeur.” Madame Thompson King performs double duties, singing on the studio recording as well, and so the video is perfectly representative of the creative processes at work, with the exception of the actual castration scene, which was largely simulated. 

There will be a record release show in New York, at the Bowery Electric, April 8th, and one in Somerville, MA, April 28th. 

There are also shows at Emerson’s Black Box Theater April 1st, and a northern West Coast sojourn that will encompass (so far) San Francisco, Portland and Seattle toward the end of May, details to come. Their Lordships will not, sadly, be playing Los Angeles on this occasion. 

We regret as well that we have not been able, given this feverish schedule of activity, to find time to correspond with you in a more personal fashion, our greatest concern being to retain your goodwill, dare we say affection, and so we remind you of our immeasurable and undying devotion, which though consequent and subordinate to the strictest rules of etiquette, fails only in its inability to secure from you a response, for you have been somewhat reticent with us, leaving us to wonder, if we are loved in great measure, somewhat, or not at all. We dearly hope it is the former circumstance that, occasioning a kind of paralysis, robs you of the ability to put pen to paper to proclaim our lasting and most intimate companionship; and we remain, until such time as we may obtain evidence thereof, your most dedicated, expectant, well-intended and enthusiastic correspondent, 


Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust

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