The West

Dearest Friends of the Upper Crust, 

It has often been observed by those of philosophical bent that the West is the best, and the noble gentlemen of the Upper Crust concur with the sentiment wholeheartedly, putting the hypothesis to a brief but rigorous examination in San Francisco (Bottom of the Hill, Thursday, 5/25/17), Medford, Oregon (Johnny B’s, Friday, 5/26/17), Seattle, Washington (Funhouse, Saturday, 5/27/17) and Portland, Oregon (Dante’s, Sunday, 5/28/17). These are dates that, if you happen to find yourself within any reasonable proximity to one or another venue, are absolutely de rigueur; all the more so since San Francisco’s Grannies share the bill. 

Their Lordships would be greatly pleased to see you in attendance. 

In the meantime we remain, as ever, your most faithful and affectionate correspondent, though none must ever know the true depths of our affection, 


Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust

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