New Album and Tour

It is with the greatest pride that the Upper Crust present to you a new record undertaken in concert—or rather, to avoid confusion, for both bands will be performing in concert together very soon and very frequently, in collaboration—with the illustrious Grannies of San Francisco. The record is entitled Lords and Ladies, and will be released digitally September 16th by Saustex Records. Vinyl will be available September 30th.  

The record will feature one side (on the vinyl editions) of the Upper Crust and one side of the Grannies, but both sides promise untrammeled aural ecstasies, rich and provocative textures of sound neatly calculated to seduce the ear, and brash and bold martial airs that will seize by force what is not willingly offered up at first hearing.  
The Upper Crust songs are excerpted from a live performance at the world-famous Chicago Recording Company. They are thus “live” to all intents and purposes, but beautifully recorded and flawlessly executed. The songs are “Rabble Rouser,” “High Falutin’,” “Persona Non Grata,” “Matron” and “Bleed Me.” 

The Grannies weigh in with six of their own inspired and hard-rocquing compositions, impeccably produced by Seattle’s Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, et al). 
Though the Upper Crust’s contributions have been previously released in other forms, these versions have never been heard before and merit your consideration because… they are truly great. Hearing them will transport the listener to a ringside seat, as it were, at the greatest and most rocquing recital they have ever attended.  

The record will be available digitally and in stores, but of course the best way to obtain one will be at one of the live performances comprising the Grannies and Upper Crust’s Lords & Ladies tour, beginning in Texas September 29th and ending in Somerville, Massachusetts on October 15th. A full tour itinerary is available elsewhere on this page. 

Dearest reader, if you have read thus far we may safely presume that you possess both infinite patience and the keenest of intellects, which combined with your other exceptional qualities (which one might recite at great length but one of them—your modesty—forbids it), are the many aspects of a great and high-minded soul in a vessel of such perfection that one’s eyes can hardly bear to rest upon it, we refer of course to your stunning corporeal beauty, which we pray we shall enjoy very soon, if merely looking is enjoyment enough, which it is most assuredly, though we should like very much to cop a feel one of these days, we remain, your faithful friend, 
Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust

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