Regrettable show cancellations

It is with regret bordering on revulsion that Their Lordships of the Upper Crust bring themselves to attempt a task more difficult than any performance, that is, they must announce a cancellation, and of not just one show—which itself would be regrettable enough to require smelling salts and physicians in attendance—but two shows: Saturday, October 14th at Diviera Drive in Brooklyn, NY, and the following day, Sunday, October 15th, at the Hyland Pavilion in Fiskdale, Massachusetts. 
Their Lordships are quite overcome at this unseemly necessity, occasioned by a minor inconvenience, that being the return of the Lord Bendover’s Hereditary Insanity (an ode to which was penned for the album Revenge for Imagined Slights); and they hasten to assure their faithful friends that they will return to the stage as soon as His Lordship has been restored to his faculties. As of this writing, his cranium is a nest of whirring, tweeting canaries—a distraction which, while invisible to everyone else, is more than sufficient to prevent him from playing his guitar and singing in the same key. 
Nevertheless, this is a familiar ordeal that comes and goes, and represents no cause for undue concern. We can expect His Lordship to return none the worse for wear after an unspecified interval, all the more ready to rocque for his current indisposition. 
We shall make you aware of further developments as they develop, and in the meanwhile, we remain your most earnest and heartfelt friend,  
Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust

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