Update from Bumbles

Dearest Friends of the Upper Crust, 
It has been some months since last we spoke, and as the band’s last public appearance was a year ago in Cleveland (with the superlative Supersuckers), we do not doubt but that you may be asking yourselves: Whatever has befallen the Upper Crust? 
The truth is, the Lord Bendover has been afflicted with a palsy of the hand, and is in the process of reacquainting himself with the guitar; the Duc has been preoccupied with pressing familial concerns; and silver-tongued Count Bassie has found himself otherwise engaged in profitable musical adventures, as has the fabulous and irrepressible Jackie Kickassis, who is in great demand as the finest drummer in all of Rocque and Roll. 
These are the reasons for the band’s long suspension of activity, and no one knows at present when Their Lordships will bestir themselves, blow the dust off their wigs and platform shoes, and reenter the fray to save the world from inferior Rocque and Roll. 
We pray that you will forgive the noble gentlemen of the Upper Crust their current indisposition, and we remain, until such time as we have more congenial news, 
Your Faithful Friend in Rocque, 
Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust

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